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Our Fortune

Let this blog be a continuous adventure of our family learning all of the intricacies of being part of the beloved "horse world." Our family sits back and watches us both in skepticism and pride as this business has unfolded into a successful business made from a spontaneous decision made a little over 2 years ago. From what was confirmed from a fortune cookie at the local Lucky Buffet, not once but twice, it was decided that Tom would quit his full-time job and together we would open up an equine boarding facility in Swanton, VT. (The first fortune was exactly one month before we opened, the second one was one month after. ) Not only would this provide us with the obvious benefits for our horse-loving daughters and our own two horses, it would give me personal gratification in exercising my entrepreneur skills as well as the opportunity for Tom to be his own boss. Tom has always been a jack of all trades, a can-do-anything kind of guy, a dedicated and committed friend with a heart of gold. Together, we make a great team and cannot be happier with our decision to enter this world of caring for some of the best friends a person could have in the whole wide world (it's not just dogs, horses are special too)! Our fortune is spot on so far...

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